Designed for college students and young professionals, this workshop encompasses a method of sustainable happiness, by combining the understanding of self-actualization and the laws of diminished returns.  This professional development lecture embodies:
  1. Value Systems
  2. Personal Life Trajectories
  3. Fear Uncertainty & Doubt (FUD).


Knowing what you don’t know is the foundation of this self-awareness workshop. Designed for the teenager audience, this work approaches the consciousness of our intelligence, exploring human behavior in the social environment of high school dating.  Highlighted talking points:

  1. Bad Relationships
  2. Women Empowerment
  3. The Art of Selective intelligence


Based on a true story, a teenager breaks his silence about being bullied into keeping quiet about an underaged drinking party, then intimidated to remain silent about what happened afterward.  Hard lessons are posed in a pluralist learning platform, leaving the opened ended question, “What would your friends do, under pressure?” Topics include:

  1. Coping with Loss
  2. Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying  (HIB)
  3. Underage Drinking & Prescription Medication Abuse


Sources of motivation can come from anywhere, including from the most unlikely people.  “Motive to Motivate” is a workshop that takes a hard look an adversary’s role in your life choices.  See how societal norms affects everything from one’s subconscious to the subcultures in the workplace. Take a closer look at what gives us motivation vs. what gives us motive. This seminar covers:
1.  Third Party Harassment
2.  Workplace Subculture Influence.
3.  Reverse Discrimination & Heterosexism